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Hidden Hikes:
An Illustrated Guide to the Bay Area’s Most Hidden Hikes

These are excerpts from an illustrated guide to hidden hikes in the San Francisco Bay Area that I did for The Bold Italic, a fantastic Bay Area lifestyle blog.

The Bay Area isn’t short on scenic beauty. From its world-famous landmarks to locally known hikes and beach alcoves, most everyone has their go-to spots for taking a walk or enjoying a view. What the Bay Area is short on, though, is privacy. These days, it's pretty difficult to find a moment of peace at so many of our city’s overcrowded, picturesque destinations.


The good news is that even in our densely populated habitat, there’s still a selection of relatively isolated parks and trails where we can escape urban life. Often, they are hard to find, which is exactly why they are appealing. For those who want to make the effort, here is The Bold Italic’s illustrated guide to exploring some of the most remote and hidden destinations in the Bay Area.

Consider reading the full piece here.

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