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I started Delicate Adventures in 2008

(I usually spell it with all lower case). The premise is that I depict culturally significant figures and events with eggs, from horror movie favorites, to the original Street Fighter ii line up, and more. I have designed a series of "Tiny-Books" for different categories of egg, which you can see in my store.


Additionally, I make comics with the eggs. Sometimes they are quick punchlines, s pictured at left with "Amore." I also have a series within Delicate Adventures called Easter Eggs, in which I find minute details of film and depict them with eggs. This is the first  series within Delicate Adventures that is full color (There Will Be Blood is pictured at left).​ Below the Easter Egg is my favorite page from The Eggferno, a brief overview of Dante's Divine Comedy. Panel depicts the snake pit of thieves.

One goal I had in drawing these boiled down figures was to portray them objectively rather than subjectively. However, I’ve heard that complete objectivity is impossible, so the loss of subjectivity betraying forms is a step in the direction that I want to go.

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